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Haley Oliveira-Settle

ECPI University


In this paper, I will be discussing the tasks that have been new to me while taking this course. I will be discussing how my skills have gotten stronger by using the products in this course. I will also be describing when or where I think I could use integration of these Microsoft Office products I have learned about. Last but not least I will be discussing one learning task that I have encountered in this course.

There are many tasks that I have learned while being in computer applications class that I am going to tell you about. I am going to be telling you how I think the integration of Microsoft Office products can be used and where they can be used at. I will also be speaking of the learning tasks I have encountered.

While in this class the main thing that has been new to me was Excel. I had never used Excel before and it was challenging for me at first but after finding a lot of tutorials online I finally figured out what I was doing. This class covered Word 2016, Power Point, and Excel. I have used Word 2016 many times but I had no idea how many functions there were until I took this class. I had no idea you could insert things like tables and word art into a word document and I thought that was neat. I have also used PowerPoint many times as well but one thing I learned that was new was how to set slide transitions and how to import information off other documents into my PowerPoint. This class has helped me to strengthen my skills.

There are many instances where you could use integration of the Microsoft Office products. Microsoft integration connects documents and processes, increasing efficiency. For instance, you could use Integration to make a presentation for the company you work for. If you were analyzing the profits you made for the month and were having a meeting on how you could improve your profits. You could chart these profits on Excel throughout the month and when it’s time to have the meeting with the staff and you need to make a presentation, you can import the information you have on your Excel worksheet into your presentation.

One learning task I had while taking this course was learning how to import information from Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets into a PowerPoint. We had a project where we needed to learn how to do this that I had a lot of trouble on. I found a lot of help with asking the teacher what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I also found it very helpful to search on google the areas I was having trouble with and find videos to give me a visualization of what I needed to do.

Overall, I expect this class to help me in future classes because I now know how to use these Microsoft Office programs when I need them in my future assignments. I also feel that learning about these programs will help me in the work field when I enter the work force and when I start applying for jobs.


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