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Project Goals

The main goal is to make improvements to the current system. The system in use currently has a lot of problems and that include poor communication among the employees and absence of privacy which is crucial for better workflow. Enable easier interdepartmental communicationData transmission among departmentsMake use of online databases to be used in the sharing of data. Introduce new security techniques use a website to aid in advertisement, marketing and sales.

Critical Success Factors

The departments and people expected to ensure the success of the project is the employees, managers, finance department, Information technology department.The following must be achieved for the project to be considered a success. The I.T department- These are experts that ensure that the right hardware and software is in place and to do the installation.The Financial team- the financial team ensures that funds are allocated a and when needed to ensure smooth flow of operations. They should also be present so that they can give accurate report and make sure that the funds are appropriately used.Employees-General knowledge of information technology and computer systems is required of them in order for the project to be a success.Managerial Team-Managers make sure that the necessary requirements are supplied and the teams are coordinated.

Acquisition Strategy

Considering that we already have a well equipped IT team that is capable, the system will be built in-house.Purchasing readymade system could be possible but they present a multitude of challenges. One design is used across thus putting it at risk of attacks by unruly individuals who know how the system works. Building a system from scratch is beneficial since the team knows all the details and can make changes whiner needed during operation. It is also cheaper.


The only key skill required for in-house development is the skills which the IT Team already posses. This is the websites and all that entails the website, technology and computer system. They will be inculpated as development continues. Whenever there are issues that needs to be discussed the IT team will discuss them and come up with solutions that will advance the project in its ground up approach.

System Functions

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}USERBUSINESS REASONHOW SYSTEM SUPPORTS THEMSystem AnalystSpot business needs and how they can be solved within the system.Have access to the organizational goals and objectives so that they can deliver within the set time frameProgrammerSupports in writing computer codes to run in the systemBe availed all the necessary requirements to workComputer EngineerEnsure coordination and functionality of computer and computing devicesWork together with the team to meet the organizational goals. Computer OperatorThese are people who ensure that the computers are up and running. They report faults to the necessary operator.Given access to computers and work according to the stipulated rules.Database AdministratorResponsible and in charge of the databases.An online knowledge database will be availed to support them.Support AnalystsProvide support to people who might have issues.They are the ones who receive information first hand and will channel information to the technicians.TrainerProvide training to the employees on how to use the system. They should have expert knowledge.Be provided with the necessary training facilities.Chief Information OfficerHeads the information unit and facilitate the system operation.Entire team is working under themFunctional ManagerIn charge of the different functions and their coordination.has the necessary information for those working under them.



Man in the middle attack is the most likely security risk posed.The main reason why this might be an issue is because the system is interconnected and thus intruders can intrude in between protocols that are way beyond us. As a mitigation to this, we adopted double encryption to make it hard for intruders to decipher packets of data.


Mobile devices will be in a position to use the system.For security reasons, we will limit the use remotely by these devices. They will be limited to company’s wifi network and once they leave it, they will be disconnected from the system. Only registered users will be allowed to use the system.For security reasons, devices that allow installation must be registered so that they can be allowed access. MAC addresses will be used to identify these devices. None registered devices wont be allowed access.


I thank the organization for putting my proposed system into consideration. This is a good system to use as it takes into consideration all the weaknesses currently in the system and work on them to ensure optimum benefit by the organization.Changes made are highly beneficial to the company. As the system will be in use, I look forward to making it better and enable the company achieve better results.

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