CIS 500 week 5 Discussion: Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems 

Customers form the core of any business and how they interact with the business marks the road to retaining customer and sales in the long run. customers should always be served with the best customer service and given services at places of their convenience. As the chief customer relationship manager, the best step to identifying my customers will be through;

i) Selecting customer support personnel who are aware of the product to provide support for the product.

ii) Advertising the social media account so that it can reach people that did not know of the company. Social media companies give advertisers a chance to advertise their businesses to a relevant audience. This will enable customer reach. 

iii) Keep product support and information so that customers can be aware of its use and even come back to buy again. Provide the customer alternatives to purchasing the product.

The main ways customers will use to contact the company will be through social media. Nowadays, many people if not all are on social media and can use them to contact the company. When customers follow us on social media, we can use that as a platform to market these products and more in the future. 

For the executive, social media is a tool that is taking trend lately and if we do not adopt it will lead us to lose relevance just like the companies that never adopted the digital revolution and suffer the fate. Products nowadays are on social media because many people are over there and get most of the information there. It will pay in the short and long-term making our presense there. Social media will also get us new customers who might be interested in our products apart from retaining the existing ones. This platform will allow us to communicate to our customers in future whenever there are changes without incurring a lot of advertising cost. 

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