CIS 105

Types of Networks

CIS 105 University of Phoenix All types of networks basically do the same thing. The purpose of a network is to link two or more computers together. Computers can be linked to share information between each other or over the internet. Networked computers in different setting have different names. A common type of network would […]

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Security Systems

CIS 105 University of Phoenix Computers have always been sensitive devices which need protective care. As time has progress, there have been a rise of threats against computers and their handlers. It is very important to find adequate programs to help safe guard your computer from danger. All-in-one computer security systems tend to provide a

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Cyber Security

CIS 105 University of Phoenix Internet safety was not something that I did not think was very important until a few months ago. When wireless internet connections first became available, I thought it was absurd that people would have private networks, and would not share their internet connections. At that time, I had a cheap

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