CIS 267

CIS 267 Final

Question 1 2.75 out of 2.75 points       To customize a VSTO template by adding interactive objects, the ____ view of Visual Studio is used.         Selected Answer: DesignCorrect Answer: Design       Question 2 2.75 out of 2.75 points       The ____ constant returns the value for PI …

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Decision Structures and Information Systems

Course Code: CIS 267 The information systems are being used in many organizations to help effective management of business operations. The information systems facilitate the sharing information and provide transparency in business operations. The business use different information systems within the organizations like communication channels Gmail, IM, and the one drive and drop box for …

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Ticket Seller Phase II

Ticket Seller CIS-267 Strayer University – Fall 2015 Semester EVENT PLANNING DOCUMENT Program Name: TicketSeller Description:The system will provide sales in a Microsoft Windows environment at the ticket office. Management will use your program as a prototype for a future global ticket system. Developer: Form Object Event Trigger Event process frmMain ExitToolStripMenuItem Click Closes main …

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