Project Plan Inception

Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception

Section 1: Project Introduction

CIS 498 IT Capstone

Simply Solutions is an e-Commerce startup that specializes in software solutions and I.T. Consulting for other Business. We provide businesses with software to fit their needs as well as Information Technology consulting for security and networking. As the company expands, the need for a bigger facility is mandatory. Moving to a two-story building facilitates our needs for years to come. The new location will require Information Systems to be implemented to achieve full business operability.

The systems outlined in this document supports the business strategy and business growth and include the following: databases, systems analysis, security, networking, computer infrastructure, human-computer interaction, and web design. Each system has either an in-house solution, a hosted solution, or a hybrid solution.

Maintaining a database allows Simply Solutions to maintain all types of data. Clients and current project details, employee data, and intellectual properties, and day-to-day work files are accessible only on our office network. Google Cloud Data Management Suite in combination with on-site storage provides our databases with security and redundancy. A storage area network will be utilized for on-site database management and managed by I.T. staff. A storage area network will allow us to apply dependable methodologies and tools for data protection, security, and disaster recovery.

System Analysis and all Management information needs are taken care of by Sisense. With the power of the cloud, we can measure all faculties of our performance and assets, and how we can be more efficient. We can see where we are investing our resources and better manage those resources. Access to data is secured at the system, object, and data level.

A Layered approach will be taken to secure all assets and properties. There are seven layers implemented including, Policies, procedures, and awareness, physical, perimeter, network, host, application, and data. Policies, Procedures, and Awareness details user education, manageable network plan, and employee onboarding and off-boarding procedures. The second layer, physical, covers access controls like fences, door locks, mantraps, turnstiles, device locks, server cages, cameras, motion detectors, and environmental controls. For perimeter defense, firewalls using ACLs are deployed on each network device.

Security for the network includes the installation and configuration of network devices such as switches and routers. The use of VLANs, penetration testing, and virtualization time is also included. Host if the fourth layer, which encompasses each workstation, laptop, and mobile device. The host layer also includes system logs, Operating System hardening, patch management, and implementation, auditing, malware, and password attacks. At the application layer authentication and authorization are enabled. Our user management tools, group policies, and web application security included in the development cycle. Lastly, the data layer consists of proper data storage, data destruction and classification, cryptography, and data transmission security.

The network is a fiber optic line from an Internet Service Provider. Networking devices will consist of routers, switches, and range extenders. All equipment is managed and monitored in-house. Equipment includes issued devices such as tablets and office use laptops. Different protocols and security features protect the network from intrusion. As part of the policy, there will be an acceptable use policy and an Incident Response plan in the event of a security violation.

As for the computer infrastructure, most of the users interact with Windows 10 for day to day business. Tablets are used by employees who regularly meet with clients. Traditional mouse and keyboard, along with touch input on supported devices, are the supported input methods.

Lastly, our company’s website will be mobile friendly with a responsive design and will be a progressive web app. The design will be created and coded by a staff of front-end and back-end web developers. All web and app development will interoperate with the I.T. department to ensure security protocols are being adhered.

A project plan associated with this document provides an overview of the tasks, subtasks, resources, and time-related to the project. You can also find an outline of the planning, analysis, design, and implementation phases of the project.

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