CIS 498

Infrastructure and Security

Project Deliverable 4: Infrastructure and Security Section 1: Infrastructure Document 1. Infrastructure Document a. Design of a logical and physical topographical network layout Logical Topological Network The selection of a suitable logical network topology for a reputed organization is essential for the overall business benefit of the organization. As stated by Agrawal (2017), the logical …

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Database and Programming Design

Project Deliverable 3: Database and Programming Design Strayer University CIS 498 Section 1: Design Document Introduction The presence of a suitable database schema helps the concerned organization to manage their business with limited internal resources. A suitable database schema has been included in this design document for the overall business benefit. a. Creation of Database …

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Business Requirements

Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements CIS 498 Section 1: Business Requirements Document Introduction E-commerce is considered as the booming market in the business development consideration. In this business plan, innovative technological consideration will play a significant role in the infrastructural communication and networking. The main purpose of this study is to implement a proper analysis …

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Project Plan Inception

Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception Section 1: Project Introduction CIS 498 IT Capstone Simply Solutions is an e-Commerce startup that specializes in software solutions and I.T. Consulting for other Business. We provide businesses with software to fit their needs as well as Information Technology consulting for security and networking. As the company expands, the …

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Final Project: Project Plan

CIS 498 Information Technology Capstone Executive Summary Simple Solutions provides world-class IT solutions to businesses and corporations who need experts to design develop and help deploy Technical solutions to meet their business needs. In an ongoing effort to become the world’s most prestigious IT firm, expansion is inevitable, and we should try to reach as …

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