Information Technology Strategic Plan

Information Technology Strategic Plan

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Information Technology Strategic Plan

Introductory Statement

At Movies on the GO!!! Business is a mobile application which allows viewing of current and favorite movies and television shows to all mobile device platforms. Like our competition, we will stream favorite titles on a contractual basis. No monthly subscription is necessary; an annual fee is required for continuous service. The initial payment will be made to purchase the application for download. Following, a smaller price charged annually, on the same date of original purchase. Customers can cancel anytime. No refunds will be given after 30 days of service.


For Movies on the GO!!! To become the first legal application to bring movies and television shows to all mobile devices through mobile applications developed for this platform.

Our mission is for Movies on the GO!!!; to be the first legal movie mobile application service.

Company Strategy

Based out of Tampa, Florida, Movies on the GO!!, core strategy is to incorporate innovation and new trends to expand its subscription services domestically before tackling the global market. Streaming services require a cellular with internet or internet connection devices like televisions, gaming consoles, tablets and mobile phones. To maintain quality service, Movies on the GO!!! will enhance its current technology and interface to support the surge of subscribers. These upgrades will ensure the quality of services which means a growth in revenues.

Technology and Security

With smartphones, portable tablets, and mobile device applications increasing popularity over the last decade, it is IT’s responsibility to find ways to stay ahead of today’s trends. Maintaining network systems and servers to accommodate the volume of data being sent and received to users of the service. Upgrading hardware and software when applicable, to assure services meet the standard of the customer.

The goal of network security is to give people the freedom to enjoy computer networks without the fear of compromising their rights and interests (Wang & Kissel, 2015). Protecting company assets and customer data should be a top priority of the IT department. Assuring the customer’s information is not at risk of being stolen. Establishing a defense from predators who seek to gain unauthorized access to business information will be the significant role for the IT Network Security Manager. Designing an infrastructure that can detect malware and other threats before it can cause any damage to the network. Installing firewalls and multilayered security components within the system are a few processes that can be used to boost network security.


Quicken with Payroll – For financial tracking of budgets, payroll, and purchases

Microsoft Office – For document and presentations

Inventory Tracker – Track inventory

Shipping and Receiving – Track order fulfillment and distributions

Sales/Client Database software – Database for customer information

Internal Messenger service – For communication between department employees

Factory related software for machinery operations

Data center hosting


Servers – For video streaming

Computers – For each department

Printers – For each unit

Router – Internal Wi-Fi

Fax – Administrative


Office phone system with switchboard (for receptionist)

Internet Services with mobile

Tablets/Laptops – Sales and Management

Smart cellular phones – Management

GPS – In all vehicles

Five Information Technology Department Position Descriptions

IT Project Manager – Must hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Information Systems or similar field. Proven working experience as an IT manager or relevant experience. Possess an excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems- experience in ERP systems a plus. Each candidate will have the expertise in data center management and data governance. Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration, and network installation. Ability to manage personnel.

Manage information technology and computer systems. Plan, organize, control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations. Manage IT staff by recruiting, training and coaching employees, communicating job expectations and appraising their performance. Design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies, and procedures. Ensure security of data, network access, and backup systems. Act in alignment with user needs and system functionality to contribute to organizational policy. Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time. Audit systems and assess their outcomes. Preserve assets, information security, and control structures. Handle annual budget and ensure cost effectiveness

IT Assistant Manager –  Must possess an Undergraduate degree in IT infrastructure. Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures or governmental regulations. Must be able to write information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and the general public.  Know how to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference, and fundamentals of plane and solid geometry and trigonometry. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations. Define problems collects data, establishes facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.  Demonstrate the use of intermediate computer operations (basic programming in 3rd and 4th generation languages, relational databases, and operating systems and intermediate software packages, word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics. Can prioritize, organize, and delegate assignments. 

IT Security Manager – The individual will have an Undergraduate degree in IT Infrastructure and a certification in Cisco Networking. Experience in IT Security, audit and/or risk mitigation, healthcare pertaining expertise supervisory experience with IT personnel. The ability to develop and administer system and information ownership; information and data classification guidelines; standards and procedures. Develop, establish and maintain rules, procedures, guidelines, and policies to promote ongoing security and appropriate uninterrupted operations of the computer and network-based systems. Identify and address exposures to accidental or intentional destruction, disclosure, modification, loss, theft, or interruption of information that may cause financial, reputational, or other harm to patients, employees, or the organization. 

(2) IT Support Specialist – Possess a minimum of two years’ experience. Provide technical support services such as setting up e-Mail accounts, troubleshooting network errors, enhancing network security, etc. Ability to provide complex support for software and hardware service request/incident processing. Provide hardware/software configuration of desktop, laptop, thin clients, mobile devices and printer/scanner devices. Resolve IT Incidents assigned to their workload queues within the timeframes required in this performance work statement. Restore to IT equipment working order. Also provide sustainment support and the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the software and hardware being used within the company.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat Analysis:


High customer base

Strong focus on innovation enables the launch of new products

Projection of steady financial performance

Low pricing


Positive market outlook for video streaming industry

New product and capacity expansion

Financial growth

Increase demand

Investing in Exclusive streaming rights


Customer concentration

Lack of sufficient technologies or system enhancements

Lack of financial backing

Loss of contractual controls with production companies


Economic slowdown

Highly competitive streaming media industry

Continuously evolving consumer preferences


Five Major Goals for IT

Hire and Retain a Highly Skilled Workforce.

Working closely with the Production Manager the IT Department Manager will help design a system that automates the production of all products as well as provide data including inventory, shipping and receiving, accounting, and payroll.

Develop helpdesk system to manage all equipment, software, and hardware maintenance.

Create, prioritize, and implement protocols for department staff by setting standards for performance and operations.

Improve Business and Process Efficiency and Effectiveness

 Impact of Implementing the Strategic Plan

Make informed decisions – Strategic plans set maps the detailed instructions on planning and the focus of the company. The directions Movies to Go!!! Is to become one of the most extensive media streaming services, offering more than just movies bit to branch out into other data delivery sources such s music and gaming. Allowing quality decision making and the ability to make adjustments to the plans as needed.

Motivate staff – A planned direction defines the company’s goals. This gives its team an idea of what to strive for and opens up a forum of ideas to assist in the business journey.

Confidence builder – Strategic plans builds trust and confidence with stakeholder. It creates value which is essential to the success of the business future. The plan shows how the service will meet the needs of the customer while assuring profitability and financial return to investors.


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