CJ 230

Assisting in Murder

Assisting in Murder CJ230 Grantham University Assisting in Murder A husband and wife serial killer team, Gerald and Charlene Gallego were active from 1978 to 1980 in the western United States. Gerald was fantasized with having sex slaves. So, in 1978, he and Charlene went to the mall in Sacramento where she lured two young …

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Terrorist Behavior Vs. Criminal Behavior

Terrorist Behavior Vs.Criminal Behavior XYZDesignation Table of Contents Table of ContentsCauses & Motivations-TerroristMotivations of the Ordinary Violent CriminalSide By Side ComparisonDifference Between Political & Religious TerrorismCultural Aspects That Influence Terrorist and Criminal Behaviour References Causes and Motivations of the Terrorist Lack of OpportunitiesMany young people join because they lack tools to compete in modern technological …

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