Community Based Policing

Community Based Policing

CJ246- Human Relations in a Diverse Society

Unit 10 Final Assignment

Community policing is a philosophy that can promote organizational strategies that help support the systematic use of partnerships as well as problem-solving techniques. These techniques proactively address the immediate conditions that can give a rise to public safety issues, and these issues include crime, social disorder, and the fear of committing a crime. Throughout this paper I will be talking about four benefits of cultural understanding and tolerance that are within communities and in the criminal justice agencies. I want to believe that we can trust the police again. The police need to be more interactive and involved in the communities they work, because that truly is the only way they can build trust and understanding amongst each other.

Looking at todays society there is a lot of distrust happening between the community and the police. Even the news is an awful platform when it comes to the police brutality. When individuals are involved in the brutality or spend time viewing the allegations on television, I can see why people stop trusting the police in their community. I mean police officers are supposed to be trusted and serve the communities they work in in a positive way, but not only that its important for them to be involved within the community. If the law enforcement takes time getting to know the community they are working in, it can create bonds between them and the individuals that live there, and this can build trust and lower crimes. Another way the police can be involved with the community is to become involved with the agencies within the area, this will allow the police to find areas the community need help in. This will also allow the police to be informed of the diverse culture that surrounds them. When you are reading this paper, you can see a lot of how the police can change to help the community, but I also want to talk about how important this is to help to police to. If the police are egger enough to get involved within the community and learn about the people, they serve then the individuals can then help the police officers when they need it because there is trust that has been gained. We need each other. Have you heard of the term “Watch dog”? this is referred to when an individual within the community sees a crime being committed and then reports it. This is important and very helpful to the law enforcement because as we all know there are few officers per community and they truly need all the help they can get to continue to serve justice. I live in a small town and this allows the law enforcement to be involvement more efficiently, but we also have a tight community so the crime rates and so on are low. Not only that but with the town being smaller they have a better opportunity to serve different agencies such as schoolings, town activities, and public speaking.

Unfortunately, there are many towns, cities, countries and so on that are not as lucky as we are in my town when it comes to policing in the community. I believe that once we know how the police in the communities, we live in work we can decide if we can trust them. When we choose to trust them then we can go on living in a society that we feel is protected and safe. I mean honesty what’s the point in living in an area where the law enforcement can not be trusted. If communities stand together as one, we can prevent crime rates and we can be one step ahead of the crimes, especially if the communities have a positive relationship with the police officers because they can stand watch and help catch the criminals before they commit the crimes they have planned. Community policing is and will continue to be helpful within communities we can even continue to become closer as a unit.

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