CJ 246

Understanding Diversity and Respect in our Culture

Understanding Diversity and Respect in our Culture How to talk (and listen) to Transgender People CJ246 Unit 2 Assignment Jack is one of many brave transgendered individuals. While watching his TED Talk video he addressed may issues that the transgendered community face today. These issues include how others are our them, and the on-going battle

Cross-Cultural Stereotypes and Communication

CJ246: Cross-Cultural Stereotypes and Communication Unit 6-Assignment When you think about the first initial contact a member of the public has with a police officers you can see how the individual views the society. When any type of incident occurs where the police need to be involved, they usually make sure that the victims are

Community Based Policing

Community Based Policing CJ246- Human Relations in a Diverse Society Unit 10 Final Assignment Community policing is a philosophy that can promote organizational strategies that help support the systematic use of partnerships as well as problem-solving techniques. These techniques proactively address the immediate conditions that can give a rise to public safety issues, and these

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