CJ 370

CJ 370 Unit 7 Assignment 2

CJ 370-01: Crime Scene Investigation II Unit 7 Assignment 1 Purdue University Global Unit 7 Assignment 1 The scientific method deals with the use of precision, objectivity, critical thinking, repeatability, all of which are needed for the proper collection and understanding of the clues that are present at a crime scene. The investigator has to …

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Vehicle Burglary

CJ 370-01: Crime Scene Investigation IIUnit 9 Assignment 2Purdue University Global Vehicle Burglary Whenever an investigator works a crime scene of a vehicle burglary it is important that he or she wears gloves. The investigator needs to take plenty of photographs of the vehicle. The investigator should verify if the doors were locked or unlocked …

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Trace Evidence

CJ 370-01: Crime Scene Investigation IIUnit 4 Assignment 2Purdue University Global Trace Evidence Trace evidence left behind at a crime scene can be small, but yet very helpful. Trace evidence can be things such as hair, fibers, smeared fingerprints, tire tracks, shoe prints, foot prints. All trace evidence has to be photographed and then collected. …

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