CJ 445

The Four Major Shifts in Federal Juvenile Policy

the Four Major Shifts in Federal Juvenile Policy Case Management – CJ445-01 Adolescents throughout history have been characterized by their immature, irresponsible, impulsive, reckless, and inconsiderate behaviors. It is no secret that they are unreliable, forgetful, messy, unorganized, and do not think before they act. Is there a scientific explanation for these behaviors or are …

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Juvenile Wilderness Programs

Case Management – CJ445-01 The American journalist and political commentator, Nicholas Kristof, once said that “the wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul,” (Kristof, 2017) which, I feel, perfectly explains the objectives of wilderness programs for juveniles. Unlike any other innovative treatment strategy that is currently used by the juvenile justice system, wilderness programs …

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Wraparound Process

Case Management – CJ445-01 Although there is no uniform definition for the wraparound process, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention defines it as “a youth-guided, family-driven team planning process that provides coordinated and individualized community-based services for youths and their families to help them achieve positive outcomes. It is a multifaceted, system-level intervention …

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Assignment Individual and Family Risk Factors

Case Management – CJ445-01 Since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and increasing number of police jurisdictions have been hiring Case Managers to process their juvenile offenders. Their job is to assess their client’s needs, develop a service plan, link the client to appropriate services, monitor their client’s progress, and advocate for the client where …

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