CJ 490

CJ490-01 Unit 1 Worksheet

After completing the course activities, answer the four following questions with 200-350 words each. Cite your work using APA as needed. Provide your full source references at the end of worksheet. Identify and describe the four purposes of research in criminal justice. Research exists as a means to describe, explore, explain, and evaluate and is …

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CJ490-01 Unit 3 Worksheet

Student Name: Read the following research experiment conducted by the Police Foundation in 1974: Kelling, G. L., Pate, T., Dieckman, D., & Brown, C. E. (1974). The Kansas City preventive patrol experiment: A summary report. Police Foundation. Retrieved from https://www.policefoundation.org/publication/the-kansas-city-preventive-patrol-experiment/ Brief summary: The Kansas City preventive patrol experiment: Police Foundation. Retrieved from https://www.policefoundation.org/projects/the-kansas-city-preventive-patrol-experiment/ The experiment focused …

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Data Collection Methods

Research Methods in the Criminal Justice System – CJ490-01 What is research and how do you describe the process? The influential African American author Zora Neale Hurston once said that “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” (Hurston, 2011) With respect to Ms. Hurston’s accurate synopsis, it does not answer …

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