CJS 215

Science And The Detective Topics Presentation

Science and the Detective Topics Presentation Cjs/215 Introduction Forensic characteristics of document examinationCollection and preservation of drugs & toxicology of drugsIdentify the role of pathology, forensic entomologist, forensic toxicologist and forensic anthropologistIdentify the investigative procedure involving computer forensics Forensic Characteristics of Document Examination Document examination can be used for:Check fraudMedical malpracticeStalkingKidnappingTitles or deedsWillsHomicides Forensic Characteristics …

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Rehabilitation Paper

Page 1 Rehabilitation Paper CPSS/215 Page 2 Rehabilitation is the aspiration with probability of programs to restore the individual to a prior state. Theoretically rehabilitation is special programs that focus on the needs of the inmate to reunite with society. The origin of rehabilitation evolved from different ideas starting in the 17th century England into …

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