CJA 335

Collection and Analysis

Howard McKenzie, Joseph Yelin, Nichole DeClouette, Edward Soto CJA/335December 14, 2016Dr. Anthony Carbo Collection and Analysis rppt_xppt_yppt_xppt_yrppt_xppt_yppt_xppt_y The assignment Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that assesses the issues surrounding the collection, analysis, and utilization of statistical data in criminal justice policy making.  Special attention should be given to programs designed with community …

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Bureau of Justice Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics CJA/335 Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal history data from state record repositories and the FBI are collected by The Bureau of Justice Statistics to study the recidivism patterns of numerous offenders. These offenders include but are not limited to persons discharged from prison or who are on probation. According to “Recidivism” …

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