CMGT 430

Applying Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management Consultation CMGT/430 Risk Management Goal of Risk Management Focus of Risk Management Physical SecurityData SecurityOperations Organizations Assets Within Our System {073A0DAA-6AF3-43AB-8588-CEC1D06C72B9}System ComponentsRisk Management ComponentsPeople-People Inside an Organization-People Outside an Organization-Trusted employees-Other Staff-People at Trusted Organizations-StrangersProcedures-Procedures-IT and Business Standard Procedures-IT and Business Sensitive ProceduresData-Data/Information-Transmission-Processing-StorageSoftware-Software-Applications-Operating Systems-Security ComponentsHardware-Hardware-Systems and Peripherals-Security DevicesNetworking-Networking Component-Intranet Components-Internet or Extranet Components …

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Controlling Access

Controlling Access CMGT 430/Enterprise Security Controlling Access The topic of managing networks and data security is a huge concern of organizations all around the world. As a risk management consultation it is necessary to help the organization as a whole and specifically the IT department understand the importance of the provisioning of data and controlling …

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Using Roles

Using Roles Paper This paper will discuss a better way to control user access to data is to tie data access to the role a user plays in an organization. It will cover the value of separating duties in the organization. Then discuss the value of using roles to segregate the data and system access …

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IT Systems Connection Table

IT System Connection Table CMGT/430 IT System Connection Table  IT System Target System Connection Type Possible Security Vulnerability Related Risk EXAMPLE HR System Identity Management System Feeder File File could be modified. User rights might not be correctly updated. Administration & Management EDPSQL Data management portal Data breachInternal & External threat agents Danger to data IntegrityLoss …

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Draft of the Enterprise Security Plan and Presentation

Enterprise Security Plan: Acme Consulting Team Names CMGT/430 January 2017 Teacher Enterprise Security Plan: Acme Consulting Introduction/Overview With the company’s continued growth, there is a need to identify the organization’s risk, vulnerabilities, and threats to their enterprise. To maintain a competitive advantage with the competition, it is essential for the organization to model and build …

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