CMGT 555

SDLC Comparison

SDLC Comparison NameInstitutionInstructorDate Waterfall Model Feasibility of Waterfall Model It is impossible to use Waterfall model for WeLoveVideo, Inc . CRM would not work well with waterfall modelCRM involves many stakeholders thus impossible to be completely done with one phase. Agile SDLCs Feasibility of Agile SDLCs Agile SDLCs works and fits perfectly to WeLoveVideo, Inc …

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Individual Customer Success Story

WeLoveVideo, Inc Customer Success Story NameInstitutionDate WeLoveVideo, Inc is a video sharing and viewing based platform.It relies on user subscription as their revenue modelIt has various departments ranging from Marketing, customer support and technical departmentTheir system was redesigned to meet their needs now and in future Introduction Description of the Systems Project WeLoveVideo, Inc was …

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CRM Design Proposal

CRM Design Proposal NameCourseInstructorDate CRM – Customer Relationship ManagementIt is a strategy for managing relationship between the company and it’s customers with potentially new customers (Kostojohn, Paulen & Johnson, 2011). It streamlines processes and increases proffitability. Introduction CRM Design Approach The recommended design approach is user interface designUser Interface Design is geared more towards the …

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System Requirements

System Requirements Name Course name CMGT/555 Date System Requirements System requirements for the marketing and customer support are all geared towards improving performance of employees and making the end goal better satisfaction of customers. This is all in line with WeLoveVideo, Inc goals. To achieve this, all requirements must be geared towards optimal service deliver. …

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SDLC Comparison Summary

SDLC Comparison Summary Name Institution Instructor Date SDLC Comparison Summary WeLoveVideo, Inc needs an SDLC that gradually takes in the feedback from the customers to gradually implement a CRM that will satisfy the needs of existing customers and future customers. It should also be in a position to acquire newer customers and retain existing ones …

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