Writing an Email

TO: Rachel DeLuise and the Plumbing Design Department

FROM: Christine Street

DATE: May 5, 2019

SUBJECT: Important Vacation Policy Changes

Hello Team,

As you all know, our company is committed to employee work/life balance and the happiness and wellbeing of our employees. We appreciate everyone’s commitment to their job and are excited to share some exciting vacation changes. Rob Miller, the chief supervisor for our department, has asked me to share some exciting changes to our current vacation policy that will be implemented at the beginning of next month.

The changes to the vacation policy are as follows:

Since the new vacation times are longer than before, it is essential that employees follow the new policies:

  • Employees with less than three (3) years of service will have one (1) full week of paid vacation leave
  • Employees with three to five (3-5) years of service will have two (2) full weeks of paid vacation leave
  • Employees with five (5+) or more years of vacation will have three (3) full weeks of paid vacation leave

With the summer season, fast approaching this new policy will help to ensure proper coverage for the team while facilitating the coordination of vacation requests.

  • Employees must now submit a formal vacation request a minimum of one month before the vacation dates requested
  • Vacation requests must be submitted to their direct supervisor
  • It is essential to note that no more than two employees from one department can be on vacation at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and enjoy your upcoming vacations!


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