Social Media

TO: Anthony Drums

FROM: Christine Street

DATE: May 29, 2019

SUBJECT: Your new dream job and social media

Hello Anthony,

As you know I am very excited about the prospect of you getting a job at my firm and us having the ability to work together at this amazing company. Iā€™m sure that you are aware that XYZ Company, and most companies, check a potential new hires social media pages even before decididing whether or not to call them for an interview. I wanted to share with you a few excerts from the XYZ Company Social Media Policy to help clarify some changes you may wish to exercise on your current social media account.

Article 5. Act responsibly and ethically

Article 7. Do not post any photos or comments that reflect poorly on XYZ Company, including comments or images of unprofessional, inappropriate, or illegal behavior. Likewise, be mindful of posting discriminatory comments or images on your social media accounts (including but not limited to age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally recognized protected basis).

In light of the information shared from the XYZ Company Social Media Policy, it may be beneficial to you to edit your current social media page to coincide with the information listed in the policy:

I hope that you accept these changes and understand that my constructive critism is aimed at you obtaining a job with XYZ Company. Failure to make these changes to your social media account will guarantee that you do not receive a call for an interview or any type of employment with XYZ Company.

  • Change the picture of the girl in the bikini
  • Remove the affilitation with the I Love Weed page
  • Change your profile picture to a more professional themed picture
  • Remove any reference to looking for a new job or hating your current boss
  • Remove the albums that are associated with partying or heavy drinking
  • Delete the comment to Tanya after a proper apology for the insensitivity of your post to her
  • Remove all of the existing photos on your page, they are controversial and do not project you in a positive and professional manner

Good luck and hope we are working together soon.


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