Compelling Vision and Frame


Compelling Vision and Frame


To setup a high standard in offering quality customer-intensive services through customer friendly IT platform by employing ethical and value adding cohesive network in order to have a happy satisfied customer!

Vision Insight

The ultimate mission and vision that the FedEx management has put all its efforts in is to ensure that customer needs are met timely and in a qualitative manner ensuring that the manner in which these solutions are offered is appropriate to the market segment in need. On the other hand, the company aims at integrating the relationship between suppliers, employees and partners in order to ensure that the goals to satisfy the needs of the customer are met at an exceptionally high standard and affordable rate. In the operation of corporate activities, the aspect of safety will be highly looked into and maintained making sure that ethical standards are not compromised in whatsoever way so as to drive financial returns that are superior to the stakeholders at the same time ensuring that the business services offered such as transportation and logistics are of high value.

FedEx has had a vision do remain in the e-commerce market and remain competitive as usual and with that notion it has added a number of exemplary services that they offer very well to their customers while at the same time keeping a close good customer relationship to make the customer come for more due to the high level of convenience and competence. The online tracking of shipments while closely monitoring the goods in transit for fair conditions has brought good comfort to the customers and they have gained confidence with the company for being open and customer-interests oriented (Birla, 2005).

It is through FedEx that the smart post services have been implemented and offered to satisfaction whereby customers with light weight goods don’t have to pay a lot of money just because their shipment is going far. Hence the online retailers have an economical option to offer lightweight goods shipments at a fairly low price and hence this has boosted the number of new clients joining FedEx through online retailing. The other vision for FedEx is to continue offering exemplary door to door delivery of goods and service to their customers hence easing the tension in case the goods were delicate, argent or even expensive. FedEx also visualizes on a health and pharmaceutical sector that is self sufficient and efficient in delivery of medical supplies through an ideal monitoring so as to avert disasters and create a disaster prepared sector with a lot of pre-planning (Wetherbe, 1996).

Tangible goals

Through its exemplary leadership, FedEx has exceptional goals that will see it transform to another level in the market and keep on dominating the E-business segment. The first goal is to ensure that it has an operating margin which is more than ten percent in comparison to what it has now. Secondly, the company aims at significantly growing the revenue level to a higher margin of profitability as well as improving various methods of cash flows in the company. Without the stakeholders and the shareholders the company is doomed to fail and hence FedEx aims at ensuring that their investment returns are increased significantly in a progressive manner (Wetherbe, 1996).

One of the fundamental tangible goals of FedEx is to ensure that profits of the company are boosted further through mitigation of unnecessary costs that have been derailing the company or rather loopholes. The company has thus set up a program to replace the existing aircrafts since they are expensively costly in terms of fuel and introduce new aircrafts that fuel efficient and at the same time come up with private fueling stations for the ground shipments. The move has already commenced and the company is realizing significant changes in costs (Evans & Lindsay, 2002).

The program goes further to ensuring that redundant jobs are got rid-off through a fair program whereby employees have been bought off through voluntary means. The move has been a positive one whereby huge amounts of labor and employment costs have been getting mitigated hence increasing the gross profit and at the same time giving a chance to employ competent and young energetic people as replacement if need be. There has also been a strong demand from the e-commerce sector hence creating a unique opportunity to serve ore clients through a positive macro-environment that compels positive spending of customers in shipping of their products (Birla, 2005).

Quelling competition from globally leading companies such as UPS is a challenge that FedEx is determined to succeed. One positive move that the company has decided to employ is the reduction of its aircraft shipment charges since many customers have been defecting to UPS who offer cheaper but slower ground shipment services. This is a new trend in the e-commerce docket and FedEx has decided to sharpen her claws and ensure that her market-domain is recovered from UPS who has been getting tremendous support from Amazon for website orders and delivering and at the same time luring their customers with a two day free transport offer. This has greatly affected FedEx and she has been in a debt to upgrade her momentum and strategies (Evans & Lindsay, 2002).

Future Strategies in Running the business

One may wonder how FedEx will get all these ambitious goals achieved and the answer is IT incorporation. Through integrating an IT based platform the company is already achieving so much positive change and hence it wants to keep on making it simpler for the customers to make transactions through business transactions in an IT platform. One of the strategies the company aims to employ is ensuring that the core business package grows effectively. Secondly, ensuring that the chain of supply is more than capable to handle the demand and in a timely manner, thirdly ensuring that E-commerce and IT technology is well upgraded and made simpler for the customer to facilitate business. Without other core partners the business will lag behind and hence there is a need to create more partnerships or alliances to ensure that better and new services are provided internationally (Evans & Lindsay, 2002).

The future running of FedEx is aimed to be a global changing and market oriented E-commerce strategy to ensure that security, control and visibility of goods in shipment in transit is enhanced taking note of their conditions and nearly real time locations. FedEx will become a global icon in connecting the global shipment of goods to the owners of the cargo making sure that good charges follow. The company also aims at quelling its competitors, such as the Amazon mobile application for website orders, by coming up with better upgraded applications that will improve the way business has been running (Wetherbe, 1996).

Since the trend has now become that of slow and cheaper ground shipments, FedEx is ready to expand the shipment platform by introducing more ground shipments at a fairer price while at the same time ensuring that the fast and reliable aircraft shipments are boosted through buying of better cargo carriers with cheaper affordable prices that will see the company regain its status quo and dominate in e-commerce. This is to also set a target where the company will be a leading shipment and e-commerce provider in the whole world hence making the world a global village whereby one can get what they order in good condition and time (Wetherbe, 1996).

Vivid Success Story of FedEx

As the CEO of FedEx, I have seen the company transform to a technological customer friendly platform that has enabled many customers appreciate the incorporation of IT in the way we do business. Many customers in our website have been really thankful for the ideal services that we offer through customer friendly and ethical platform while ensuring that the services are cost-effective. We are a company that looks into the welfare of our customers and we would like to encourage them to continue entrusting us with safe transportation of their goods as we ensure them double security with guaranteed in-time arrival of their consignments. FedEx will continue offering the E-based business transactions at an affordable price and hence keep all our customers happy and wanting more and that is why we have revolutionized our company by incorporating IT based business platform. We are here for YOU!!

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