Juvenile Offender Assignment

Juvenile Offender Assignment


Case Study 2: Xander L.


Xander L. is a 17-year-old African American male and documented gang member. His prior juvenile adjudications include purse snatching, breaking and entering, and drug possession. His first juvenile adjudication occurred when he was 13 years old. He has served a year of custody in a juvenile correctional facility and has been placed on probation twice previously. His current arrest is for possession of a concealed weapon, to which he has pled guilty.

Xander lives with his mother in Section 8 housing. He reports no contact with his father. His mother presently works two jobs. Although she is supportive of him, and Xander reports a close relationship with his mother, she does not approve of his conduct. In the past, she has reported him to the police. Xander indicates that he has dropped out of high school, but he would like to get his general equivalency diploma to make his mother proud.


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