CS 204 Professional Slide Show

Professional Slide Show

CS 204

Professional Slide Show

I saw three different slides of medical professionals. The medical professionals I saw in the slide show were very well dressed for their career whether it be a suit and tie or scrubs or a lab coat. The individuals were also smiling and all together in a team like formation. They all had their tools as well such as a stethoscope or writing pad, one even had what appeared to be a first aid kit. So all together everyone in the slides were very professional looking. The stances they held were very confident in stature. I would suspect that if communication was to take place that they would be very good listeners and able to inform me on any needs I would have. Areas that would be considered unprofessional in the medical field would be blood or food stains on the uniform because as far as blood on the uniform, it can be hazardous if the blood was from an infected individual. Where as food just looks sloppy and like the person does not care how they look. Also if the professional has baggy pants or un ironed clothes or their hair is a mess or they smell like they have not showered then this also gives a sloppy uncaring impression. There are several ways attire can either make you look good or really bad. Now when I think of presentation of self I think of body language and how the person communicates with another. For instance if the person is slouched and has their arms crossed and is not smiling and just mumbling then that gives me the impression that this person doesn’t care what I have to say and is only listening because they have too. One more additional thought would be when I hear someone who is supposed to be helping me using slang and unprofessional language.

For the question “what is the appropriate attire in my career field” it depends on what part of the team you are and even then there are sometimes subcategories of that. So if you are a doctor in a clinical setting then a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie are the best choice and a lot of times you will still see a lab coat. But if you are doctor in a surgical setting then most of the time you will be in scrubs with the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). Same thing goes for the inpatient wards, you will mostly see techs and nurses in scrubs. Or if you work in a military hospital like myself then you will just wear your branches uniform. Another member of the team would be the administration side and usually you will see them with just a nice dress shirt and slacks. In my eyes a professional is someone who went to school and has been in their career field for awhile and knows everything about their career. They are early to work and late to leave. They dress very professionally and speak with dignity. A professional is dedicated and honest. In my field they listen to the patients and do everything in their power to make the patients lives as comfortable as they can. The behavioral attributes I believe that I carry to work everyday is that I’m a hard worker and I try to learn every aspect of my job that I can so that I can be utilized to the maximum of my scope of practice. I believe that also as a leader in my clinic that I am fair and help my subordinates in any area that they lack in understanding. I believe that when im asked to do something it is done quick and in a professional manner. As far as attire goes I have to wear my camo uniform Monday through Thursday and then on Fridays we have to wear our business casual uniform. But even though I don’t get to choose what I wear I still iron them and make sure they are pristine. Also I make sure I am shaved and bathed everyday for work.

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