CS204 Analyzing & Review

Analyzing Professional Behavior


CS204 Professionalism

Unit 3 Assignment

Analyzing & Review

The set of slides that I chose to view were the Psychology Human Services slides. I chose these set of slides because this is a variation of work that I would like to go into. At this moment these slides do not relate to my current career, but more so towards my future career in Human Services.

The individuals in the pictures were all professional. In all of the images, they are professionally dressed; their hair looks professional, nothing that is considered unprofessional or revealing. In the first image, the human service professional is showing empathy towards the client that is with her. Based on her body language, she is showing her that she is engaged and listening to what she is saying. In the second image, the human service professional, is not showing any eye contact with the client, but does seem engaged via the documentation he is doing while the client is talking. This can also show forms of organization, as a human service professional, you have to insure that all documentation is in order and that everything has to be documented. (Top Eight Characteristics of a Successful Social Worker, n.d) In the third image, it seems to be a group meeting; the service professional seems to be taking notes of what is going on during the session and is wearing professional attire.

Some areas that I would consider unprofessional in my field, after viewing these slides would be the lack of eye contact in the last two eyes. In the second slide, the patient is talking to the service professional while there are writing notes. In the third slide, the service professional is walking around, taking notes as well. Not being active with the client and not being active with the group discussion, she is away from the group, not engaged at all. The service professional in the last picture is showing that she is disinterested in the group.

The appropriate attire for an individual in the human service profession should be dresses, skirts, slacks, blazers, blouses and dress shoes. (Dress Code, 2010) Women should not wear skirts that are too short, capris, dresses that are too tight, or that are showing off the back. Clothing should not be too “form – fitting” or reveling. (Dress Code, 2010). If the human service professional has tattoos, they are to be covered and not visible. In addition, denim should not be work, no shorts, jeans are not allowed.

What it takes for a human service professional to be considered an actual professional is to make sure that they have empathy towards their clients, self-care, and in addition professionalism. The human service professional need to be able to empathize with their clients. Being able to dedicate some self-care for yourself can help you prevent from being burnout, fatigue, or even stressed. (5 Important Qualities of a Social Worker, n.d) Working in this type of field you can easily get emotionally exhausted and need to find a way to be resilient towards these emotions. Finally, professionalism, ensuring that as a human service professional you have boundaries, that you are following the ethical guidelines and that you are not breaking away from those.

Some behavioral attributes that I practice that identify me as a professional are positivity, providing support, and honesty. Ensuring that I have a positive attitude about work can bring positivity to others as well. Being able to support one another can bring forth a better work environment, helping each other and including honesty. (Monster Career Coach, n.d)

Aspects that I would consider that I possess when it comes to making myself a professional are attire, non-verbal communication skills and presentation of self. When it comes to attire, I ensure that I am following dress code, which my clothes are not too tight, too reveling, and that abide to dress code. When it comes to non-verbal communication, I make sure that when being spoken too I am attentive with eye contact, body language. Making sure that I am actively listening and that in return showing that I am also engaging.


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