CS204 Unit 9 – Portfolio

CS204-01 Professionalism – Theory and Practice in the Workplace

Unit 9 Assignment


(2–3 paragraphs)

Explain who you are and your chosen professional field.
Hello, My name is Diana Morera and the field that I have chosen my profession is Human Services. My goal, upon completing my degree is to become a social worker / caseworker. It has been a goal of mine to become a social worker after working in a call center for health insurance. Being able to help others especially when they are in need of help.
Include an overview of how you perceive yourself professionally.
How I perceive myself professionally is that I dress according to my profession, making sure that I am put together, not wearing revealing clothing, and that my hair and makeup are polished. Also, making sure that you arrive early to your work. Making sure that you keep your personal and professional life separate. Also, ensuring that I have a positive attitude and that I am willing to learn new skills.

Lifelong professionalism and how you will maintain your image

(2–3 paragraphs)

Include an overview of how will you focus on continuing to maintain your professional image in the future of the career you have chosen to pursue.
How I will continue to focus on maintaining my professional image in my future career would be my by character, attitude, knowledge and reputation. Being able to set a good example for others. Ensuring that I am also a team planning, being more involved with the company. Also, to be willing to share my experiences with other in my field and being willing to learn from my superiors or those who are more experienced in this profession. Taking advantage of training courses that are being offered or to take the initiative in furthering my education. (Fasano, 2017)

Short-term goals

(2 paragraphs per goal)

Write 2–3 short-term goals written as a SMART Statement, a plan to meet your goal, and your rationale.
Goal Statement 1: My goal would be complete college.Plan: Focus on getting good grades to pass my classes. Rationale: Making sure that I get good grades will ensure that I pass the last classes left for me to graduate. I have to prioritize my time. Making sure that I have enough time dedicated for seminars and time to dedicate to class work.I have two classes left until I graduate. I have to make sure that all of my focus is spent on turning in my assignments in on time. That I also take notes that will help me with the quizzes and assignments.
Goal Statement 2: Getting an internship. Plan: Applying to non-profits or areas that are accepting interns in social work.Rationale: Doing some research to find internships available in my area for social work. Being able to learn the ways of helping families, how to obtain resources to provide to families. Becoming an intern will give me the knowledge and experience to being able to apply to my better positions in my career.Having the opportunity to obtain an internship, I may have the chance that they can hire me once I have completed my time with them. This will also give me the opportunity to learn from my superiors and to be able to ask as many questions as possible to learn the ways.
Goal Statement 3: Getting a social worker position. Plan: Getting experience in the field, then applying to places that are hiring social workers.Rationale: Being able to join a company with the experience that is required will help me gain a better position to my dream job. Being able to help others in need, becoming an advocate for them will give me such great satisfaction. Being able to be there for them when they feel alone and helpless. Being able to get the experience from working as a social worker can give me the availability to help a lot of children and families. Being able to make a difference in their lives to know that they can become something better.

Long-term goals

(2 paragraphs per goal)

Write 2–3 long-term goals written as a SMART Statement, a plan to meet your goal, and your rationale.
Goal Statement 1: To own and operate my own non-profit to help military families. Plan: Educate myself in what it will take to own my own non-profit. Rationale: One of my ultimate goals has been to be able to help military families. I have experiences how much hardship my husband has had as a Military Veteran. In order to create my own non-profit I would have to make sure that I would educate myself in organizing and running a non-profit. Educating myself in the resources that military families are in need of in my area. I would want to make sure that I do further research to see if there are programs available in my county for military families and what the needs of them are. Making sure that no family is left behind and being able to do everything to give them a hand.
Goal Statement 2: Obtaining my master’s degree.Plan: Finalizing what area I would want to continue studying. Rationale: I would need to make up my mind in what field I would want to continue my educational path in obtaining my master’s degree. Searching what school, I would want to enroll in. With a master’s degree I would be able to have a better opportunity in obtaining a higher paying job and greater opportunity for more better offering positions. I would have to make sure that I do additional research to ensure that the college is accredited in my state prior to enrolling. Being able to determine what field I would like to study for my master’s. Making sure that I also have the time and dedication to spend towards completing this degree.
Goal Statement 3: Find a better job opportunityPlan: Obtaining the education required to be able to move up in the chain.Rationale: Furthering my education and training can ensure that I would be knowledgably in being able to apply to a higher position. With gaining the experience in my field and being able to further my education by completing my master ’s degree, I would have a higher chance of more opportunities for my careers. I would then have to do extensive researches to see what opportunities are available based on my experience and educational level. I can also see if there additional opportunities where I am working at to be able to move up in position.

Education Plan

(minimum 3 paragraphs)

Identify at least 3 ways that you can maintain your knowledge throughout your degree. Explain why each way would be important to your career.
Three ways that I can maintain my knowledge throughout my degree would be to ensure that I at least obtain my initial licensure, master license, and even a clinical license. With the initial license, I would be required to obtain my bachelor’s degree. I would have to ensure that the school I attend is accredited in the state that I plan to practice in. In addition, you would have to work under the supervision of an approve licensed clinical social worker. (Become a Social Worker, n.d)With the master license, would require having a specific amount of experience and in addition to have a master degree. With this licensure, it does require you to have completed standardized exams. (Become a Social Worker, n.d) Obtaining as much knowledge from an experience social worker can help you learn the ways. They can also suggest areas where you can further your education. Not all of the states require for you to have a master’s degree, but obtaining a master’s degree can help you further help in your career. Advance degrees will give you the upper hand in gaining experience, skilled and expertise. (Become a Social Worker, n.d) Obtaining a clinical license, you have a full professional license to practice social work.

Budgeting Plan

(minimum 3 paragraphs)

Provide an explanation of the Budget Plan which covers future education and career marketability needs.
The budgeting plan to cover my education and career marketability needs would be able to research how much my education would cost to further get a degree. If I were currently practicing in the field of choice, I would find out if by my place of employment would pay for further education. If not I would have to apply to my bank for a student loan for the amount that would be required for the degree.


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Fasano, A. (2017, August 30). Maintaining a Professional Image Throughout Your Career. Retrieved July 21, 2019, from https://engineeringmanagementinstitute.org/maintaining-a-professional-image-throughout-your-career/

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