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ECE 214: Nutrition and Health of Children and Families



In this we are going to see about the malnutrition people and the defects that make them to be a malnutrition child in an effective manner. This also includes the children experiences in case of the developmental delays along with that of the weight-loss and illness effectively. This kind of issue arises as a result of the intake of protein along with that of the calories and various nutrients efficiently.

Mostly all the orphaned as well as the institutionalized children may experience these form of the macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies (Shamir, 2013). Thus it has the short term as well as the long term implication in an effective manner.

The nutrient deficiencies will have various short-term implications in children and are given as

Growth Implications

Immune implications

In case of the Growth Implications the nutrient deficiencies as well as the gastrointestinal infections will occur in orphans efficiently (Rolfes, 2010). Thus the nutrient deficiency with that of the infection can cause growth retardation in most of the children’s.

The immune implications mostly arise in the institutions where they will have the poor sanitary practices which make the children to get infections from other children effectively.

The long-term complications will arise in children due to the impact of the short term implications effectively. This includes the cognitive Implications like the

Less brain development

Decreased form of the IQ scores

Less deficiency in memory power

Less form of the problem-solving skills

One of the children who live nearby my house was about the age of five. She lives with her parents where her parents will leave her in home alone to be taken care of some other people. This make her to get affected by the malnutrition effect as the proper parental care was not given to her by the child care peoples. Thus the less form of the parental affection has made her to be affected from that of the malnutrition effect.

Thus the various ways that needs to be handled by the parents as well as the children to reduce this form of the malnutrition effect is the proper care for their children by the parents will easily reduce it. Then the care taken by the teachers in the schools as well as other institution will be an added advantage to reduce this malnutrition in an effective way. Therefore the parents must be well educated to take care of the children in order to provide them with the nutritious food.


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