ECE 312 week 3 discussion 2 Playground safety A child who repeatedly breaks the rules at the playground

Playground safety:  A child who repeatedly breaks the rules at the playground

Children as they are young are very playful and they should be encouraged to at least spend some time in the playground playing if they don’t like to. It is very good and healthy for their growth and development. Some children go to the extreme extend and breaking the rules .Addressing this is very important for their safety concerns and health. According to (Smith, 1998), the first step in addressing this is ensuring the playground is safe and free from any object or contamination that can cause injury or illness to the kid. This will make this child who repeatedly breaks the rules safe when in the playground. (Smith, 1998) also notes that children should always be advised on what to and what not to do in the playground.

The second most important strategy is keeping an eye on the child. Children who have been told repeatedly to stop some certain habits will certainly not do it when you are around. Accompanying them to the playground will make your presence felt and thus the rules will likely be reminded to them all the time. They won’t break them when they see you. Being there also helps you to guide and instruct the child on what should and shouldn’t be done. This is also well asserted by (Pellegrini, 1995).


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