ECE 313 Week 3 Journal

What thoughts do you have about teaching in diverse classrooms?

I think when teaching in diverse classrooms it is important to take into consideration the cultural differences (clothing, religion, behavior etc) you may face and approach each difference with an open mind. I feel as though it is very important to be open to embracing the diverseness of a classroom as it is beneficial for teachers, parents, and students to learn. Embracing diversity creates a classroom habitat where students will feel comfortable, appreciated and welcome because they are not being shamed for any differences that have whether it be racial, cultural, or religious. Parents will also feel more comfortable with their children attending school having the knowledge that their diversities are being encouraged. This will make for a positive classroom environment that is enjoyable and fun for a teacher to be a part of.

How have views of immigration affected education?

The presences of language barriers often affect education. As more people from foreign countries migrate to the United States. Our schools are being filled with children who speak English as their second language and they sometimes struggle to communicate with those around them. The increased presence of immigrant children in the school systems have become more dedicated to bridging this language gap and making communication easier for everyone involved. According to Wardle (2013) some suggestions to address this language gap are “use parents to help teach caregivers and teacher some basic words and phrases in the child’s language, recruit people who can help translate in parents’ home languages, and teach English classes to parents who wish to learn”.

What ideas do you have about acculturation in the classroom?

I think acculturation in the classroom is a good idea so the children and teacher can get a better understanding about the culture background of one another. The teacher has the opportunity to create a multicultural environment that would encourage the children to be proud of their differences and where they come from.


Wardle, F. (2013). Collaboration with families and communities [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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