ECE 313

ECE 313 Week 3 Journal

What thoughts do you have about teaching in diverse classrooms? I think when teaching in diverse classrooms it is important to take into consideration the cultural differences (clothing, religion, behavior etc) you may face and approach each difference with an open mind. I feel as though it is very important to be open to embracing …

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Children’s Story-Lisa

Children’s Story-Lisa Ashford University ECE 313 Collaboration with Family and Community Children’s Story-Lisa Scenario: Lisa often gets frustrated when trying to play with other children. She takes toys from their hands and even hits children with the toy. When working in an early childhood environment, knowing how to approach a variety of behavioral issues is …

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Family Partnerships

Family Partnerships ECE 313 Collaboration with Parents and Community Family Partnerships Family-Centered Approach A holistic approach to working with children and their families that recognize all children develop, grow, and learn within the context of a family, and therefore early childhood programs must serve the whole families (Wardle, 2013). The purpose of a family-centered approach …

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Director’s Presentation

Director’s Presentation ECE 313 Collaboration with Parents & Community Working Together for the Education of the Whole Child Self-Help SkillsPro-Social SkillsSelf-Regulation Skills Types of Skills Self-Help Skills also known as self-care skills are basic skills children need to participate in their daily activities of life. Self-Help Skills requires demonstration, assistance, and practiceChildren develop the ability …

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