ECE 355

Parenting Styles

PARENTING STYLES 1 Parenting Styles Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics ECE 355 PARENTING STYLES 2 Parenting Styles Authoritative parenting style is the most popular style. The parents are very nurturing towards their children, set rules and expectations that are enforced with consistency (Cherry, 2019). Baumrind (1966) described authoritative parents as parents who promote “verbal give …

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Working with Families

WORKING WITH FAMILIES 1 Working with Families Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics ECE 355 WORKING WITH FAMILIES 2 Working with Families Building a solid relationship with families is essential to a child’s optimum growth, development and academic success (Wardle & Fitzpatrick, 2016). As educators, we can guide our families toward the foundations needed to promote …

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FINAL PROJECT – PowerPoint Presentation

FINALPROJECT Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics ECE 355 Providing children with positive parenting is essential for their over all growth,development and well being. According to Hoghughi (1998), parents provide care to protect them from harm, set and enforce boundaries, and encourage them to learn new skills. As parents we also can provide positive parenting for …

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