Effectiveness of the Counter-Cyclical Policies – PowerPoint Presentation

Effectiveness of the Counter-Cyclical Policies


The Great Recession

Declines began in the early 2000’sWorldwide shift in the marketThe largest down turn since the Great DepressionBackdrop of sharp credit boomsSignificant declines in the unemployment rate

The Housing bubble

Vital force to the debt crisisSparked a global recessionFueled a down turn in European Sovereign debt crisisWhose to blame?

Monetary Policy that Affected the Housing Bubble

The Federal Fund RateDid we see this coming?

Changes in Supply/Demand

What caused the spark in demand?Why was supply limited?

Economic and Sociological Forces

Moderate recession declineMonetary policy of 2002

Government Policies

The fall of the housing marketHomeowner equityThe government’s role in the housing marketA economy without government interferenceGovernment policies that reduced home equity

Housing price index

Unemployment rate


The housing bubble aftermath


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