EDU 512 Effects of a Mainstream-Centric Curriculum

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Mainstream-centric Curriculum





Mainstream-centric Curriculum

Multicultural education has much to do on integrity, accuracy and balance to all but have been affected by misconceptions and myths. From the myths, multicultural education is believed to be for the poor, the women and others who are not able to support themselves. Others claim that this education is only for those with colors. Multicultural educated faces some critics that the education will divide the nation. These are only some of the examples of claims which draw back multicultural education. Despite of all these, multicultural education will stand and unify the nation making it a better place to live (Renner, 2006).

There are a variety of approaches to conquer the challenges faced by multicultural education including cross cultural mentoring for the faculty of color and anti-racist pedagogy. It is the teachers’ responsibility to change the society by eliminating racist in class while the learners are young because they will our future parents and should act as agents to change the world. Teacher should evaluate a plan by either forming cooperative groups from different cultures in order to stimulate learning and elimination of racist (Asante, 2010).They should also form various types of strategies through different multisensory styles so that the learners may interact and understand each other.

To conclude the instructor should act as a role model to the learners. The instructor should allow active learning as it equips the learners with knowledge as they absorb what they hear direct through what they do in class ( Asante,2010).The instructor should also use question and answer method in the classroom after teaching as it exercises the learners on what they have learned. You as a teacher should also promote active learning by asking another student to summarize what another student have answered the question. This technique improves listening skills among the learners.


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