Loving Support Essay

Loving Support Essay

EDU 617 School, Family & Community Partnerships

It is imperative for a child to have love and support in their life. As an educator, it is our duty to ensure that each student along with their family receives support through teamwork and involvement. Teachers and parents should work as a team regardless of the different of opinions that they may have at times. This will help in the developing of relationships and understanding for one another.

When students are in a supportive environment; it is displayed in school because the students are engaged in activities and has a sense of trust for their teachers and parents. In giving this support, this will teach the students how to have a positive attitude and focus on the necessary skills that they need to be successful. Parents are a huge part of this development; this is why it is necessary that they have the proper resources they need to help students to stay on task and build positive routines through consistency.

The teacher must also exhibit a positive attitude. This has a great impact on determining if a child will become actively involved because they feel a sense of compassion and clear understanding of the teachers expectation (Jeynes, 2011).

Teacher student relationships are extremely important and must be developed in the classroom. This development can display that the teacher genuinely cares for each student and supports their academic growth; in doing so, the child will not only feel the care that is being displayed but also take pride in their own academic growth.

It has been said that a parent that provides support, love and encouragement assists in their child’s success (Coombes, Allen, & McCall, 2012). A parent’s role in a child’s life is imperative because they have the opportunity to love, support, give positive discipline and consistency; which aids them in seeing things in a positive aspect and to second guess their decision when thinking of involving themselves in negative behaviors.

It is the parent’s responsibility to teacher their child positive characteristics that will help them mature and make decisions on their own. Parents are the first teachers of responsibility, decision making, right from wrong and respect.

When it comes to ensuring that students have the proper support, it takes the parents and teachers to be prepared to work together to make certain that the child has the best academic experience as possible. When the teacher display a genuine concern and support for each child, the parent will be more eager to become actively involved in the class and school activities. It has been said that a student that comes from a supportive environment developmental qualities increase (Dunst, 2002).

The support coming from the parent, teacher and community is the best support that a student can have throughout their life. The continued support will encourage a child to not only excel in the academics but also in their personal life.

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