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EDU 617 School, Family & Community Partnerships

There are many approaches when trying to encourage parent participation in their child’s academic education. It is necessary for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and knowing what is expected to ensure their child’s educational journey. It is equally important for a parent to want to be involved to display that they are genuinely concerned for their child’s success. According to Project Appleseed, when parents an active role in their child’s learning at school and home, students learn more and the school works better (Project Appleseed, 2014). One way to begin the improvement of a school’s parent- school partnership is by evaluating current performances and making adjustments where necessary.

Below are a list of points that will work for parent involvement:


If parents become actively involved at the school they will:

The school where I currently work is a private Christian school and we encourage parent involvement. This is why we have a volunteer program as an added effort to strengthen parent input in the education of their child. The parent volunteer program is an added effort to encourage parents to build a school relationship; while displaying the importance of community service and wanting to see the success of our school.

  • Build confidence to work with their children at home and encourage their child to be responsible for their education.
  • Understand the role of the teacher and become actively involved in school activities at home as well.
  • Increase comfortability in school interaction.
  • Build skills by volunteering that will be able to utilize at home.


Parents that support their child as student will:


  • Understand their child’s development and make changes in their home (if necessary) for the benefit of the child to ensure that their environment is conducive for learning.
  • Parent will see the support from schools and other parents.
  • Parents will find that they are not alone and it takes a team effort for success.

In communicating parents will be able to:

My current school provide parents with weekly reports informing parent’s current subjects and activities that are going on during the week. The school informs parents that the child is doing well by sending them home with prizes, notes and behavioral sheets.

  • Be aware of their child’s progress.
  • Understand the school’s policies, procedures and offered programs
  • Have interaction with the teacher

Decision Making

In the Decision Making Process parents will be able to:

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