Journal: Epstein’s Six

Epstein’s Six

EDU 617  School, Family & Community Partnerships

Thinking about my reading and that which I know about Epstein’s six types of involvement, I must admit four out of the six I have had interaction with. The parenting step has provided me with skills on how to become a better parent for my children. I have learned how to deal with issues in knowing that you should look at the bigger picture with an understanding of finding what caused a person to do what they do. My readings of Epstein’s types of involvement has given me the opportunity to utilize these skills in my own personal life.

Another personal involvement is communicating. I am able to communicate with my children’s teacher through not only phone but email as well. Through communication I can ensure that the teacher understands and knows the goals that I have set for my child and intern they can tell me the goals they have set for their classroom. In doing this both me and the teacher can be on one accord as it relates to my child’s academic success. Communication is imperative between school and home; being certain that there are several ways of communicating makes a great difference.

In today’s society, you have more educators that are pushing for parent involvement and trying to get the parents actively involved. Parents that volunteer have the opportunity to see what their child’s daily routine and also take part in activities with their child. They also can show support for other students whose parents may not be able to come out. You will be surprised how showing genuine concern for a child can make a change.

Lastly, learning at home is a great opportunity to have. I can recall being in school and the internet was not as popular and informative as it is today. When I was a student there was limited access to study materials and games that could help in achieving set goals for studies. Today there are teaching apps that provide the necessary tools that a child need for reading and math. There is also a log that will keep your progress on these apps. All of these technologies today make home involvement easy and there is reduced stress for both parent and child.

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