Technology Changes Everything – PowerPoint Presentation

Technology Changes Everything

EDU 620: Meeting Individual Student Needs with Technology

Evolution of Technology

Technology is evolving every day and we use it almost all the time in our daily life routine. This also occurs how education is delivered.Teaching and educating students can be done by using a computer or laptop. This way it makes it easier for students like us to manage a job, life, and our future career.At many schools’ lessons are being delivered with the use of a projector making it easier for students to see the lesson.As technology is evolving it is making research easier than it was before. Students can have a wide variety of information at the tips of their fingers.

Technology Examples

Speech-recognition programs helps students dictate into a microphone and spoken words appear as a text in a computer or tablet.Text-to-speech is a software that scans and reads words from a printed text to help students who have difficulties reading. FM system enhance the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants by transmitting and receiving sounds.

Technology Influence

An example of how technology has influenced student independence is the use of text-to-speech. Nowadays, text-to-speech devices are becoming more practical to carry around and students who need this type of device have the freedom to take it to one class to another, promoting independence. The use of appropriate technology promotes self-determination skills by having the opportunity to make decisions without help of an adult. Assistive technology helps student’s with disabilities complete assignments and demonstrate their capabilities.


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