Journal: Encouraging Parent Involvement

Encouraging Parent Involvement

EDU 617 School, Family & Community Partnerships

As one who has been working in the education field for over 10 years, I believe that communication is the foundation of building a successful partnership between students, parents and teachers. It is imperative to communicate with parents on a continuous basis; providing information that is vital to the student’s achievement.

As a teacher I will send home a behavior report home daily with each child indicating their behavior, homework, progress and concerns (if any). For an example, on this behavior sheet I will be able to indicate if the child has accomplished a set task or goal for that particular week.

Another form of communication that is important is calling parents to give positive feedbacks on things they child have done during the week. I can inform parents on how well the child listened, completed a task, and passed a test, issues or concerns that may have transpired in the classroom or just to check in to address any concerns or questions that the parent may have.

Emails are another great form of communication that parents and teachers are able to utilize. Sending occasional emails of upcoming events or just to touch base with a parent on their child’s academic growth is always good.

Lastly, sending a flyer home about upcoming activities; such as, conferences and workshops with times they are able to come in and speak with the teacher. We are living in a society now where it is hard for parents to leave work and meet with a teacher face to face, this is when all of the other forms of communication that I listed above are most helpful.

It is imperative to have communication with you parents and students consistently. There are many methods in ensuring that this is done in an easy manner. It is vital that you invite and require a response from each parent through any means they deem to be best for them. If the parent fails to communicate with you the teacher, it is you duty to still call, email or send a letter home as an added effort to ensure that they understand that you are concerned about their child.

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