Youth within the Community

Youth within the Community

EDU 635 Community & Youth Development

Jacksonville is a city that has been around since 1791. It is the most populous city in the United States of Florida and the largest city by area. The City of Jacksonville, originally called “Cowford” because of the cattle herded across the St. Johns River in the area.  Jacksonville is covered by at least three major interstate highways, I-10, I-295 and I-95.  Because health and transportation goes hand in hand, the convenience of products and accessibility is a major asset in Jacksonville.

Isiah Hart was the founder of Jacksonville and was a plantation owner and slaver. Hart took up fought against Spain in the Patriot Rebellion in 1812. After he moved to the Cow Ford (Jacksonville) on the skirts of the St. Johns River, he began mapping out the town in 1822. The Isaiah D. Hart Bridge located in Jacksonville Florida is named after him.

The chart below displays the many races within Jacksonville, Florida but not restrained to the percentage for each individual race. This chart also includes the fiscal status and housing demographics for Jacksonville in contrast to other cities and surrounding areas.

According to City data, (2015-2018) the following demographics are displayed:

  1. White alone- 488, 473 (59.4%)
  2. Black alone- 252, 421 (30.7%)
  3. Two or more races – 23, 638 (2.9%)
  4. Hispanic – 63, 485 (7.7%)
  5. Asian alone – 35, 222 (4.3%)
  6. American Indian alone – 1806 (0.2%)

Jacksonville population break down by race:

Statistics Jacksonville Florida National
Population 2017 821,784 20.98 7.6 Billion
Population Density (sq. mi) 1100 3348 1205
Median Age 35.5 42.7 37.8
Male/Female Ration 0.9:1 96:100 or 0.96 1.0:1
Married (15 years & older) 42.1% 58% 56%
Speak English 90.60% 27.2 95%
Speak Spanish 20.8% 58.5% 80.5%
Race Florida Jacksonville National
Caucasian 488,473 59.4% 74.17%
African American 252,421 30.7% 12.56%
Asian 7108 0.9% 4.81%
American Indian 3270 0.4% 0.82%
Native Hawaiian 188 0.0% 0.17%
Mixed Race 3.42% 2.10% 2.68%
Other Race 1949 0.2% 4.79%

Jacksonville offers many possibilities within the community that the youth, families and adults can relate. Activities are a must in an effort to ensure that the youth feel that they are part of the community and helps in developing a positive environment as an added effort to the lower the possibility of troubled youth.

One youth related activity that is targeted in Jacksonville is the YMCA. This program offers many activities; such as swimming, karate, flag football, soccer, aerobics and etc. This programs are available to students of all ages; as an added effort to keep them involved in the community.

Another program within the community that is offered is “IMPACT.” Impact is a nonprofit ministry that has made the commitment to impact, influence and involve the youth. Their mission is to impact students in their daily lives by showing the love of Christ; understanding that Christ is love and it starts with showing our youth the love that God has for them and encouraging them to serve Him. Across the Florida Impact gives kids from every walk of life and every background a place to belong and grow in their belief. Impact is constantly expanding and pursuing multiple locations and partners. Impact is known in prisons and shelters for their strong faith and belief in encouraging others and showing them a better way.

Although only two programs have been cited, Jacksonville has many community activities that encourage and increase community involvement; such as, blood pressure van, blood drives, dental vans and many more. To learn more what Jacksonville has to offer, search the website at


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