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Power of One


EDU 635 Community & Youth Development

After careful reflection on the videos and readings that I have studied thus far, I know that I can have a positive impact in the school system in my community. There are at least 5000 at risk students in over 3o Duval County Public Schools. I know that at least two of these school are in need of more counsels for students. There are not enough programs that are offered in these particular schools to help students with their academic, family or personal needs. One school that I can think of in particular has major issues with bullying and I know that I could do something to offer outlets for these students.

If I were a counselor in a school, I would be able to be open minded when listening to students voice their concerns and issues. I will be sensitive to not only the student’s needs but also their wants; as an added effort for their success. It would be great for me to review with the students programs that are available to them inside and outside of the school. I can also incorporate some of the programs into the school as an added measure to increase their learning environment and way of thinking. There are many children who just needs someone that they can confide in and trust. They are looking for someone that sees and knows their struggle and make attempts to really help them. I know that I am that person.

Some children have conditions that demands the need for extra help in the school systems and are in need of specialized services; such as IEP (Individual Educational) plans or 504 programs. This would be my first priority when working in the role as a counselor. Too often those students that may require extra help goes overlooked because of their behavior; when most of the time it can be a deeper issue that just hasn’t been diagnosed and this is what is causing the problems. There are not enough resources that are available for these students and the ultimate goal is to ensure that they are successful as well.

I realize that I cannot change the world alone; however, I can gather feasible information about each student’s individual need and present it to the school board by letting them know that the students are a valuable assets in the community and they want more. They need facilities that they can go to for homework help, family crisis, health situations and etc. In my community we have church teen groups that meet at least three times out of the month and students in the community are able to attend; however, it would be good to have something that benefits the younger youth also. I would first ask the school board if plans have been established for the youth in the community? If so, what are the plans? I will find out if there are any activities and workshops that are available for the entire family? What are their plans for encouraging participation?

If the school board has not established in solid plans, I will then offer my suggestions and give them documents that were completed by students and families on things they would like to see in the community; along with the activities. Jacksonville use to have many skating facilities; however, most of them are closed. Many attempts have been made for the children in the community but have been unsuccessful. This is why it is good to get actively involved and develop relationships to know what is wanted and needed.

Another reason I chose to work as a counselor in the school system is to be able to allow students to freely communicate their concerns. It is of great importance the all students are presented the same opportunities; and that is to be successful and blossom in their fullest potential. One way to ensure this success is by being that person that will listen to them, guide them and encourage them to be better.

A community that has nothing for youth to turn to is a community that is full of troubled youth. Some of these youth are found stealing, selling or using drugs, vandalizing properties, breaking in homes and etc. They do these things because they have not outlet and nothing productive to do with their time.

If I was able to be there for the youth of our schools and community by offering that listening ear and showing that concern, while involving parents, schools, officials, residents and local business; as a group we could offer a community where everyone feels safe, happy and one that is proud to be part of.t-risk students in 37 Duval County Public School

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