21st Century Instructional Plan – Plan Design & Description

EDU645: Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century

Common Core Lesson Plan

Name: Mrs. Baker

Date: December 20th, 2017

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Subject Matter: Literature

Lesson Element:

Common Core Learning Standard Addressed: RL.K.3: With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story.

Learning Target:

Students will be able to identify the main characters within the text Stellaluna by Janell Cannon with at least 90% accuracy. Students will be able to identify the major events in the text with at least 85% accuracy. Students will be able to answer: “Why is it important that Stellaluna understands that she is not a bird?”


Understanding and comprehending the text and how the story of Stellaluna highlights what makes people special, and how differences are to be celebrated. In being able to identify the main characters and major events of the story, students will be able to understand how one event effects another and how each character has an important part to play in the story.

Appropriate ISTE Standards:

Students will collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.

Assessment for Learning:

Observation: Instructor will walk around the classroom and observe students as they work together in a group activity to identify the main characters in Stellaluna and why they are important to major events in the story.

Demonstration: Instructor will ask students to explain the differences of bats and birds and how they apply to Stellaluna and write these on the board in the front of the classroom.

Exit Slip: Students will be given a worksheet with a series of objects on them. They will circle the objects relevant to the text and turn in before they leave for the day.

Gradual Release of Responsibility:

Focused Lesson: Instructor will model and record the main characters on the board and how they matter to the story.

Guided Instruction: Instructor will continue to discuss the main characters and how they play into the main events of the story with feedback from students.

Collaborative Learning: Students will work together in small groups to choose a main character from the story and draw them, as well as objects that they would use.


Students will engage in a group activity where they draw a main character from the story and objects they would use.

Students will discuss the differences and similarities of birds and bats.

Students will engage in group discussion about what makes Stellaluna so special and why we celebrate each other’s differences.


Students will use the text in addition to paper, construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, and glitter (or various arts and crafts items).

Differentiated Instruction:

Students will all be able to read the text in the group setting and all words will be written and presented orally. Students will be provided additional time needed to complete the tasks and will be able to exercise their creativity in the projects for this lesson. Students will engage in peer-to-peer learning and help each other when necessary along with the help of the instructor in the classroom.

Evidence of Purposeful Rigor and Student Thinking:

Students will recall elements and details of the story.

Students will describe the features of a place or people.

Students will describe the cause/effect of a particular event.


I will provide students with additional time if needed. They will be provided with accommodating technological support and if necessary, additional time with instructors.


Students will be assessed from the beginning of this lesson. The instructor will be able to continually observe the students by walking around their classroom and engaging the students in every step of the way. They will be able to receive any help they need for the assigned activities and discussions, to include any and all demonstrations. (Weber, Waxman, Brown, & Kelly, 2016). Exit slips will be reviewed in a timely manner so as an instructor, I will be able to overlook these exit slips and promote students learning with feedback that will help them understand and grasp the lessons that I am teaching. I can then adjust the lessons according to my findings and meet the needs of each student through this modification and then through individual feedback from the student or parent/guardian and group feedback from the class itself, I can further tailor the lessons beyond that.

This lesson will not include as much technology as others. However, I will include a video of Stellaluna after students complete all of their activities. They will be able to understand the story in real time and better connect with the characters. If any other materials are needed, I would likely include SMART boards so that they can visualize the text and enhance their learning experiences. Visual learners will be able to benefit from this and students that benefit from hands-on experiences will also benefit.

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