EDU 673

Differentiated Assessment

Running head: DIFFERENTIATED ASSESSMENT Differentiated Assessment Ashford University EDU673: INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR DIFFERENTIATED Differentiated Assessment Differentiated assessments are essential to an educator’s ability to gauge what their students need. Assessments are differentiated in order to reach all students and compile data to effectively set goals and ensure students learn in the best setting as possible. …

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EDU 673 Unit Plan

Running head: UNIT PLAN Unit Plan Ashford University EDU673: INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR DIFFERENTIATED Unit Plan Assignment: Creating a Unit Plan: Template Guide Introduction: In my classroom I have 22 students within the age groups of 8-10. The class has 50/50 boy, girl ratio. The majority of the students come from middle to low-class families, and …

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CCSS & Differentiated Classrooms

CCSS & Differentiated Classrooms Ashford University EDU673: INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR DIFFERENTIATED CCSS & Differentiated Classrooms Quality curriculum has its basis in standards, or descriptions of student outcomes in content areas (Puckett, 2013, Chapter 5) Describe the standards for mathematics The standards for mathematics are divided into two sets, mathematical practice and mathematical content. The mathematical …

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Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge EDU 673 Instructional Strategies for Differentiated Teaching & Learning Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge-Introduction As our world moves further and further into the 21st Century the use of technology in the classroom is allowing students the potential to be more creative, stay engaged, and build positive attitudes towards their learning experiences. Reading …

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