Education as a tool of making a dream a reality

Education as a tool of making a dream a reality



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Education is a learning process that is composed of levels that shape a learner to desired career path or goal. In common man knowledge, education is mainly obtained through the school system which is divided to different stages depending on the age of the learner. Learners are able to learn from teachers and from each other as learning from and with others at different stages is part of our wiring. In each stage a learner is exposed to skills and discussions that are easy to comprehend at that particular age.

A good example is at kindergarten the young learner is taught via the use of teaching aids such as charts and diagrams, pointers that are easily understood at that age, in this level learners are also subjected to practical physical activities such as modeling and curving which help in strengthening the finger muscles so as to facilitate writing. Mnemonic songs and compositions are encouraged at this level because the learner will easily remember the song than the actual content taught orally in the classroom (Mandal, 2016). In higher levels of learning the aspect of specialization is introduced where the mature learner is subjected to practical knowledge in their particular study field of interest, this is mainly in tertiary educational institutions such as the universities and colleges. In these institutions practical skills are obtained through practical, attachments and internships which are supervised to ensure effectiveness.

Based on this it is safe to say that education is a tool that can make a lifelong dream into a reality. I am proud beneficiary of the education system which has molded me to be the author that I am today. My lifelong dream was to become an author, I have achieved that with a recently release book published and worldwide distributed. The book is a self motivation helping others gains the right mindset to succeed in various ventures in life.

The inspiration behind the book was the motivation speakers that conduct meetings, workshops and seminars in almost all levels of the education system. While visiting learners their main goal is to highlight ways of succeeding in education which is okay as this is the main area of focus by the learners (Haddad, 2010). The speakers are very common in the post primary level, secondary schools, in which the highest compositions are teenagers which are a very fragile age group. Their speeches were crucial in breaking the continuous learning monotony which makes education boring and tedious. It is as result of this that my dream of being an author took the direction of motivational writing. The decision was pushed by the feeling of always wanting to give more advances to classmates even after attending a motivational speech. Upon realizing how effective I was in giving motivational advice I decided to venture fully into writing and therefore eventual publication of the book

Personal assessment showed that the teachings were effective as indiscipline cases were on the decline especially immediately after a motivation session therefore frequent meetings were applied in the bid to induce discipline among learners. Improved performance was also reported in schools that held these motivational meetings therefore an indication of the efficiency of the program in improving the general academic performance. Incorporation of a professional motivational speaker positively correlated with an increase in the pass rate among Dental students (Haddad, 2010).

Education and research was a vital part of the foundation of the book. Education system provides rigid structures for language development and communication. Languages are learnt from as low as kindergarten where the learner are taught rudimental language skills such as reading and writing with the aid of children friendly teaching aids. In the next level of learning primary level word joining and spelling through creative composition writing is taught and marks awarded according to the quality of writing provided by the student. Composition writing was crucial for me to explore my creativity aspect and through consultations with the language teacher spellings and grammar were greatly improved. In secondary school literature novels are introduced in the language development process. Plot development and plot paragraphing skills were acquired through expose to various novels and books in the secondary level of education. Some schools have computer classes where learners are able to hands on experience in typing, editing and paging which were particularly useful in pursuit of becoming a writer.

Research methodoly as well as communication skills were mainly taught in the tertiary level of education. Intensive research was done using open ended questionnaires and orals interviews directed to prominent motivational speakers. Appointments for interviews were set and questionnaires prepared and data collection was done over a period of five month. Responses from the speakers together with personal experience formed the cornerstone in writing of the book. Learnt communication skills were applied during the conduction of the interviews.

In conclusion, education also allows us to communicate effectively at all levels. The education system teaches the mode of communication to be employed while interacting with people from different age groups, areas of professionalism among others. Older professionals in work place prefer an official respectful communication from the younger staff (Mandal, 2016). A good example is the use of formal language during interviews and official meetings, simple clear language should be employed while interacting with small children.


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