Journal Reflection for Research Paper Topic

Journal Reflection Upon Research Paper Topic

EH 1020 English Composition II

Columbia Southern University

Journal Reflection Upon Research Paper Topic

For this journal entry, I am being asked to look at some of my favorite subjects and interests that I would like to research and write about. The instructions asked me to list the top three topic ideas that I have and then narrow it down to the one I feel most appealing to me. I have a variety of interest and they range from my military background, sports, politics, and hobbies such as wood working, camping, and hunting. The three topics that I am currently interested in researching for a paper are if college football players should receive a salary for playing the game, military enlisted pay vs officer pay, and what are the different sides of the current debate over immigration reform in the United States. The topic that I think I am leaning the closest to is if college football players should receive a salary or pay for playing. The reason I find this topic the most interest at the moment is because I am a very big fan of college sports, primarily football and just the idea of this topic excites me. Thinking about how much this idea could change the landscape of this sport is just mind blowing to say the least. I want to research both sides of this argument and fully understand where they stand and why. I currently have no preference at all as to whether these student athletes should be paid a salary past the stipends they already receive.

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