EH 1010 Unit 1 Journal

Columbia Southern University

My writing process

Unlike many great writers, writing does not come to me easily. I recall the last large piece that I wrote, was a police report that was a little under 3,000 words. My Sgt. was not to thrilled about that; however, it was very detailed and a lengthy investigation. I have found, for me, that when I write a police report, it is easier for me to go in chronological order. I like to take notes of key facts as the investigation goes, and when I feel that I have enough to write a fully detailed report, I type it out. Writing like that for me is very simple. I am just writing what I already know, what happened, and what I am being told; however, writing on a topic that I am researching for the first time, would be done very different. I find that the easiest way for me, is to brainstorm the idea first, write down key factors about the subject, and then place them in an order that flows well with my topic. Once I have all those lined up, I am able to write with little trouble. I like in Unit II, where it goes into the five canons of rhetoric, the first step is invention. Just like a mechanical invention, it takes many different parts to build. A sentence, paragraph, journal, or even an essay, takes many parts, and after you have them all laid out, you can begin to build your final product.

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