EH 1010

EH 1010 Unit 5 Journal

Columbia Southern University When you need more than words With the two main occupations that I have had, Military and Law Enforcement, the use of illustrations in everyday talk is very important. With the importance of the detailed information that needs to be understood, illustrations help get that message across. When I started in Law …

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EH 1010 Unit 2 Journal

Columbia Southern University Detective Carl Jones vs Father Carl Jones In order to live two very different lifestyles, you almost have to be two very different people. The way you conduct yourself and communicate all depends on what environment you are in currently. For example, I wouldn’t ask my kids how their day at school …

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EH 1010 Unit 1 Journal

Columbia Southern University My writing process Unlike many great writers, writing does not come to me easily. I recall the last large piece that I wrote, was a police report that was a little under 3,000 words. My Sgt. was not to thrilled about that; however, it was very detailed and a lengthy investigation. I …

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