EH 1020 Unit IV Journal Reflection

Unit IV Journal Reflection

EH 1020 English Composition II

Columbia Southern University

Unit IV Journal Reflection

My project for this week was to complete a Literature Review for my topic, “Should College Athletes be Paid to Play?”. The pro side simple say yes, these players should receive remunerations for not only the time and effort they put in but also the money made off their names. The con side of the discussions say student-athletes already receive an education for and that it is being undervalued. There is a third side that also say the students shouldn’t receive money for playing but there should be a better way since they do put in more time and effort than the average student. My thesis statement has stayed the same throughout this project and hasn’t need to be changed. So far, the process for this paper hasn’t been terribly difficult, I think the hardest part for me has been this recent lesson about writing the literature review. For some reason it has been very difficult for me to wrap my head around this lesson. I think the hard part was planning out what I wanted to say and when I got the ideas down the rest was pretty simple. I’m hoping my progress so far is as good as I feel it is, I think I am doing very well. I feel my thesis statement is just okay but I’m not sure what I could do to make it better. As far as revisions I’m not sure I’m hoping my instructor has detailed feedback that can help me in this area. The step that has been the most difficult was planning out my literature review outline.

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