EH 1020 Unit V Journal Reflection

Unit V Journal Reflection

EH 1020 English Composition II

Columbia Southern University

Unit V Journal Reflection

For this journal entry I was asked to look at how I revised and edited my Literature Review. The first thing I did for this process was review the unit study guide for tips that could help in in my editing. After reviewing the study guide I didn’t know where I should go with my revision so I sent an email to my instructor for advice on what things she noticed that I could improve in my revision. She was very helpful in pointing out some errors that I didn’t notice in my initial submission. Once I reviewed her areas that I could improve I went through each section of the paper and fixed the minor items that were pointed out. Two of the main things I took away from my professor’s comments were that my paragraphs were too full and my quotes and citations needed work. I tried to make it a point to go through each section and break the paragraphs into smaller more manageable sections. I also went back through my quotes and revised and rewrote the ones that stood out as needing more work or editing.

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