Employee innovation plan at Apple

Employee innovation plan at Apple

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Employee innovation plan at Apple

Employees tend to perform better if they are given space and resources to be creative. At Apple, creativity is what drives the innovation of the company forward. The company needs to be deliberate in its efforts to empower the employees to be innovative. In order to help the organization to grow, there should be a plan in place to help the company realize its goals. In order to encourage innovative practices, a new structure would have to be put in place to help the company accept new ideas more easily. The first step would be to make the working schedule flexible. Employees are likely to be innovative when they work on their own terms. The structure allowed at Apple would aid in improving the output in terms of innovation and creativity.

Intrapreneurship in apple

The company would benefit from intrapreneurship competency. This would be incorporated into the structure of Apple by forming a team that is tasked with developing innovative products capable of competing in the technology market (Wonglimpiyarat, 2012). This team would be under the managing director for product development. Giving the team its own freedom would greatly increase its ability to come up with innovative products. It has been established that normal work routines stifle creativity of the workers. A flexible work schedule would help increase productivity of the team.

Organizations ought to recognize the intrapreneurs in the organization. These are people who can come up with new innovative ideas for Apple can be termed as intrapreneurs. They can be identified by their ability to mobilize skill and motivate teams to come up with new products. Naturally, these people are relentless in pursuit for excellence. They are natural leaders and can motivate a team to meet their goals (Heracleous & Papachroni, 2016). Their focus is sharp and they believe in the abilities of their team. They are also determined to succeed. All intrapreneurs must have in depth knowledge of the products and the target market. With this in mind, an intrapreneur can be identified easily.

How intrapreneurs are supported

Intrapreneurs will require support in their ventures to improve innovation. This is done by giving them all resources they require. These include man power, technical skill and space (Eckert, 2016). Apple has to ensure that there is sufficient time for them to develop their products and good marketing strategy to match the product. the innovative products developed must have a ready market. The team has to be equipped with up to date equipment and software to aid in the research for new ground-breaking products.

The productivity and innovation ability of the employees can be read quickly from the sales reviews that the company gets on the sale of its products. The strategy will be seen to have worked if people gravitate towards the product as soon as it is released. This is a clear indication that the product adds a value to the lives of the people and it appeals to them. A good strategy will result in good products that are desired by everyone (Emspak, 2011). The demand for the Apple products will be high, signaling satisfaction on the products.

The growth of Apple has been pegged on innovative products. Apple has managed to stay ahead of its competitors with good innovative culture. The good understanding of the market has played a key role in the way in which Apple has gained steadily in the phone and personal computer makers. Their focus on employees has ensured that they have gained ground in the telecommunications industry. Employees play a very critical tole in ensuring that the company remains competitive in the market. Apple can adopt these measures to improve innovation.


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