Data Collection & Analysis

ESE 656

Setting (Time, date, location, etc.) AAntecedents What happened before List all related variables BBehavior What is observedRecord frequency duration, etc. CConsequences What happened after Could be natural or contrived
7:40 am at Jakes home Jake is sitting down ready to eat breakfast and has his tablet on the table. Jake is barely touching his breakfast and is getting distracted with the tablet. Mom is not concerned that he is not eating. There is no real consequence. The mother makes up an excuse for Jake not eating.
7:45 am at Jakes restroom Jake seems excited when choosing his clothes. Jake gets ready for school with distractions and redirection. Then Jake is in the restroom with mother to brush teeth. Mother begins brushing Jakes teeth without previous prompting. Mother is brushing teeth, Jake dislikes it and pulls away to clean the toothpaste and water running down his mouth. Jake’s behavior changes when he is giving the opportunity to brush his teeth with some assistance of mother. Mother does not give any real consequences to Jake. She ignores behavior.
8:00 am Bus Pick-up Jake and father start walking towards the bus, father is carrying backpack. Jake starts running towards the bus. Father uses verbal consequence, “Wait for me.”
9:00 am at school Jake gets ready to ride the van to the community. He gathers his bottles that will be recycled. While being the cashier Jake is distracted and teacher redirects him. While walking back to the van, Jake runs in the parking lot. Teacher redirect Jake by pulling him first to prevent any harm, then puts him on the side and lets him walk when he is calm. The teacher also explains that he needs to go walking to the van.

A-B-C Chart

ABC Analysis Student: Jake Observer: Mrs. Chavez

Behavior: Hard to focus and complete tasks due to self-stimulatory

      Duration of Observation:   6 hours    
  Mrs. Chavez            
1 Student was distracted with an electronic device I I  
2 Speed walks or running II II  
3 Student is distracted while trying to complete a task IIII IIII  

Reflection Statement

Replacement Behavior Chart helps educators target unwanted behavior my replacing it with the desired behavior. “An effective replacement behavior will also have similar consequence that provides the same function. If you determine that the consequence is attention, you need to find an appropriate way to give the attention the child needs, while at the same time reinforcing a behavior that is acceptable” (Webster, 2019). It is important to determine the function of the student’s behavior to provide a replacement behavior.

While I was filling the Replacement Behavior form I had some challenges like deciding what type of behavior will help the student reach the desired behavior. The form can be useful during observations in special education classrooms. The form can help the teacher write down unwanted behavior and analyze the function of the unwanted behavior to later create desired behavior.

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