ESE 656

Visual Interpretation

ESE 656 Identifying the Student Tom is a 7th grade student who has a medical diagnosis of ADHD and learning disability in all subject areas. By parent’s request he is given instruction in general education despite his low intelligence scores which have been reported as low average range. It has been noted that Tom struggles …

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ESE 656 Snapshot Dave is a fifth grader who was recently diagnosed with ADHD and now receives general and special education. He mainly receives instruction in his general education class where they have provided accommodations to meet his needs. Dave says he likes his teachers a lot since he feels understood for the first time …

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Data Collection & Analysis

ESE 656 Setting (Time, date, location, etc.) AAntecedents What happened before List all related variables BBehavior What is observedRecord frequency duration, etc. CConsequences What happened after Could be natural or contrived 7:40 am at Jakes home Jake is sitting down ready to eat breakfast and has his tablet on the table. Jake is barely touching …

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